Harp Music for Special Events

About Cheryl Dalmer, Performer

A Harp brings an enchanting and elegant touch to your special occasions.

As a Musician, I can enhance your special event with a broad repertoire of Celtic, Classical, Popular, Folk, Country, Broadway, and Spiritual music. I will gladly play a song outside of my repertoire, with a few weeks’ notice.

Weddings, Joyous Occasions, Celebrations of Life, Memorial or other compassionate events, Romantic Dinner ambience, Seasonal celebrations, (Christmas, Winter/Summer Solstice,) Company events, Fundraisers and Galas, as well as Elementary School Visits. If you have a group of seniors that love a good “oldies” sing-along, I’m happy to provide a set of vocal range suitable tunes to bring back some loving memories.

I play a 34 string Carbon Fiber lever or Celtic harp that is less than 10 pounds and is easily carried to most indoor and outdoor venues. I also have a smaller 25 string harp that I can play seated or standing and allows me to be a roving musician.  The harp, on its own can provide enough volume for a small, intimate gathering but there are times when more volume is required and I now use a BOSE Pro battery powered amp, with a pick-up on my harp and the ability to run Bluetooth music and a microphone through the amp.  A pop-up shelter can be brought to protect me and my equipment from the elements.

If desired, a vocalist and/or flutist can be incorporated to enhance the musical experience.

A contract is required for all events, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

For more information on the FEE structure, please contact me directly.