With Harp in Hand

Cheryl Dalmer || Musician || Composer || Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner


By Valerie Cameron Dalmer

Woman and harp lean, embrace
creating an image of
Vesica Piscis (womb of the Goddess)
Through which to birth
The Gift of Sound

This beautiful ancient instrument of bards
resounds at the woman’s gentle touch
as slender agile fingers pluck, play
sweep over sensuous strings.

Creations from the woman’s dreaming
Fill the air, evoke the senses

music so ethereal
you can taste the holiness
as you breathe

Intimacy intensifies.

Two hearts beating as one
become the metronome 
that holds the rhythm.

Sacred union.

And I  a humble poet, absord the delicacy
Of their strong impassioned love.