Many wonderful opportunities have come my way for collaborations.  My harp and I were invited to be a “muse” for the “Windeye Writing Workshop”  under the mentorship of Edmonton Poet Laureate (2015-2017) Pierrette Requier .  Offering my harp music and stories about my harp journey, the participants listened to the music as either inspiration or gentle ambience as they worked on their poetry.  This is one of the poems that was published in The Stroll of Poets – Anthology 2012.

Resonating within the bell of my womb
Your new song
My Daughter
Humming through me
Chiming all my future days
As mother
Now you, too are set a-chiming
Broadcasting new melodies
Two daughters of your own
Endless reverberations

Allison Akgungor

Dear Cheryl,

Thank-you for your beautiful harp music which inspired this poem. It was so special to hear you play “Dear Daughters” with your daughter present. I think we share similar feelings about our cherished Daughters


1. Celtic Harp Orchestra 

Early into the COVID lockdown, (March 2020) this opportunity appeared and was a beautiful distraction.

Playing together even from a distance is a beautiful experience, reminding all of us that music unites, no matter what. We recorded our first remote collaboration more than a month ago, and we were among the first to do such a thing. It’s always a fun and moving experience, lifting our spirits and, hopefully, yours as well. So this is the remote rendition of “The Tempest”, from the album “The Myst” (2005). Thank you so much to all the wonderful musicians from all over the world who took part to this session! This is an initiative by “Harpers Sans Frontieres”, the non-profit branch of the Celtic Harp Orchestra. 

2. Dynamic Harps Virtual Ensemble

3. O'Carolan's Lockdown Challenge 2020